Residential Treatment

Youth residential treatment centers are designed to work with youth under the age of 19. They can work with teens that have a dual diagnosis, meaning the youth has a psychiatric problem and a substance problem. The dual diagnosis can be a difficult problem to deal with. In some cases, it is not clear if the teen is using drugs to help with their psychiatric problem or if the youth is just addicted to drugs. In any case, a teen with a psychiatric problem on drugs is not a good situation. Some youth are taking prescription medications to assist with their mental problems. When they add illegal drugs they are creating a dangerous situation. A youth residential treatment center can be an effective option for a teen that is abusing drugs and taking prescription meds.

Youth Residential Treatment

Youth residential treatment is usually the best way to help a youth deal with a serious substance abuse problem. In the youth residential treatment center the youth will typically be assigned to a Dr. a Nurse, and a counselor of some type. They will work together to develop a treatment plan for the youth. There will also be opportunities for the youth to work with other teenís going through similar problems. Most youth residential treatment centers do not accept adults, so the youth are working in groups with other kids of similar ages. There are many youth residential treatment programs available to youth that are struggling with substance abuse and psychiatric problems. There are some youth with an additional factor to add to it. Some youth are defiant and basically out of control. They will not do anything that they are asked to do. This defiant issue can make finding appropriate help more difficult. There are youth residential treatment placement options for defiant youth also. They have been established to help youth learn to control their behavior along with psyche and substance abuse issues.

Youth Programs

There are many youth programs available to assist a teen that is struggling with basic life issues. Youth programs can help a teen work through the following issues.

* Substance abuse

* Defiant behavior

* Failure in school

* Minor legal troubles

* Expelled from school

* Psychiatric issues

This is only a partial list, there are other reasons to seek a youth program. If you are in need of help with an at risk youth, give us a call.