Helping Teens with ADHD

All teens need a little help every now and again. Whether it is help with school, friend problems, or work issues, teens can use the extra support from family and friends during their teenage years. Teens with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, especially need extra encouragement and support as they experience some of the trials and difficulties that so often accompany the teenage years. Not only must they deal with normal, day-to-day teenage issues, but they also have to deal with the side effects of ADHD, which can sometimes be negative behaviors and actions. These behaviors include impulsivity and the inability to concentrate and focus on different tasks and assignments. However, parents and teachers can greatly help teens with ADHD in numerous ways. With extra support and care from parents and teachers, all teens, including those with ADHD, can be successful, productive individuals in society.

Goal Setting

Goals are something we should all strive to set and achieve. Goals help us to accomplish important things in our lives which in turn increases our self worth and confidence. Goals are important to all individuals, especially those with ADHD. In fact, it is vital that teens with ADHD set and keep goals because of how goals can encourage them to do better things and keep them on the right, positive track. Goal setting will give these teens something to work for, look forward to, and will, in the mean time, help them deal with some of the negative side effects that accompany ADHD. Goal setting should include the following:

  • Goals should be specific and not too broad (For example, “I will get at least a B on my math mid-term” instead of “I will get good grades”.)
  • Goals should not be too hard; if so, ADHD teens may want to give up and not try to accomplish their goal because they feel like failures if they cannot accomplish a certain goal.
  • Goals should be evaluated and even changed on a regular basis.
  • Goals can be spit up into different steps, helping the ADHD teen not feel too overwhelmed and/or stretched beyond their abilities.

Specialized Treatment and Schooling

Because of the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years on ADHD and its symptoms and affects, there is much help and treatment that can be given by counselors and specialists. Group and individual counseling can greatly help teens dealing with ADHD. Counselors can offer their expertise as they teach teens how to handle all of their stresses and problems on day-to-day basis. In group counseling, teens can interact and learn from their ADHD peers that are experiencing many of the same problems and issues that they may be. Counseling is an excellent way to help those teens with ADHD.

There are special schools and classes that can also help teens with ADHD. ADHD boarding schools are becoming increasingly popular because of their individualized approach and expertise on ADHD. These schools employ specialists such as educators, counselors, and therapists, who help ADHD students become successful, efficient adults. Classes are often offered through communities or the public education system that teach ADHD teens how to manage their behaviors and at the same time work hard at their school, athletic, or other extracurricular activities that these ADHD students are involved in.

Family Support

There is help and support that is available to teens with ADHD. Above all, parental and family support is key in helping ADHD teens to become happy, productive individuals. As with any behavioral disorder, the support of family and friends is critical. Studies have shown time and time again that support and patience of family and friends is the key to success.