Teen Alcohol Abuse

Most teens will be offered alcohol at a young age. In today’s society drinking alcohol is widely accepted. In families where both parents use alcohol it can be difficult for them to warn their children against the dangers of alcohol abuse. The teen desiring to use alcohol will be more impressed with what their parents are doing than with what they are saying. Emerson said, “What you are, thunders so loudly in my ears, I cannot hear what you say.” In order for a parent’s request to carry any weight, they must first set an example of abstinence from alcohol. This is not to say that just because parents refrain from alcohol that their children will follow their example. Many teens will have their first drink in the home of a friend that has alcohol in their home.

Teen Alcohol Abuse and Peers

If a teen is associating with other teens that use alcohol, they will more than likely begin drinking also. It is not even logical to think that a teen will hang out with other teens that do things they do not believe in. It is important for a parent to pay close attention to their child’s friends. A lot can be learned by talking to them and learning what they do for fun. A wise parent will also learn about their child’s friend’s parents. What do they do for fun, what are their interests? When parents work together with other parents, monitoring their teens becomes much easier. If parents of teens share similar belief systems and similar values, it can be a very positive situation. It is true in many cases that children reflect the beliefs and values of their parents.

Alcohol Teens and School

When a teen begins drinking it is not unusual for them to drink while they are, at or on the way to school. It is difficult for a teacher to detect a student that is either high or intoxicated. Some teens are able to function under the influence of drugs or alcohol so effectively, it can go unchecked by many adults. A teen high on drugs can be even more difficult to spot because there is typically no smell associated with substance abuse. If a teen has reached a point where they are using drugs or drinking at school, they are usually headed down a dangerous path. The teen that needs to get high or drunk to make it through the day will more than likely end up in a very negative place down the road a few years. If you suspect your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, you should follow your hunch. Do a little study; there are plenty of drug testing sites on the internet where a parent can order a home drug test kit. If your teen is not using drugs or alcohol, they will more than likely not object to your testing them. If they are using or drinking, they may be a little less willing to cooperate. It is important that you don’t give them any warning about the test and that you watch them urinate. There are many ways for a savvy teen to alter test results.