Teens Using Drugs at School

Teens are at school five days a week, approximately six to seven hours each day. This goes on eight to nine months each year. This scenario is a haven for drug dealers to sell and deal their drugs to your child, market to children younger and younger each year and to find potential long term buyers and possibly even turn some children into dealers themselves. The penalties are hefty for selling drugs near a school, however the benefits of many “clients” in one area is too sweet to resist. Once the dealer has set a base of “clients”, your children, they can set back and allow your child to be the dealer at the school, leaving the original dealer with no ties to the drugs in our schools.

As our children are faced with more and more pressure to act a certain way, live a certain way, most certainly their peers will be pressuring them to partake in using drugs and alcohol. The Partnership for a Drug Free America (Drugfree.org) reports from a national study that 73% of teens report the number one reason they use drugs is to cope with school pressure. This is a vast difference with the only 7% of parents believing their teen may use drugs to deal with stress.

School Drug Use, A Haven Away From Parents

Many teens do not believe they have all the qualities that the adults in their life see in them. Many do not believe they have the skills to be much of anything in life, therefore they may turn to drugs and alcohol to take away many of the pressures and expectations they believe are there; most teens report knowing where they could get drugs and/or alcohol and many more report knowing how to use it during school hours. Hall passes, lunch time, and bathroom breaks are not used for their name sake. Some students will now use this time to have a few drinks, take a few drags, or pop a few pills.

School offers teens a time away from their parents, the enemy too many teens looking to use drugs and alcohol. School also offers a time where the younger kids try more and more to be like the cooler kids. This leads to many teens and pre-teens trying and using drugs and alcohol, the opportunity to appear older, more mature, and cooler in the eyes of the older teens watching. Teens also view this as time when their parents cannot be looking over their shoulder at what they are doing. Being at school was once focused on education; however many times that focus is now turned to the social atmosphere one can acquire while at school.