Steroids, How To Educate Teens

As high school and college sports become more and more competitive, more teens are turning to the use of steroids. Many teens are aware of the benefits seen by some when using steroids, but very few actually know about the harmful side effects of steroid use. As it is with any decision in life, especially one dealing with an individualís health, it is important to know the pros and cons. In this way one may make an informed, educated decision, especially as it relates to steroid use.

Steroids, How They Help Athletes Performance

True steroids are shown to produce greater physical results than physical workouts alone. Many are aware that steroids will build muscle faster, increase endurance, and intensify strength. However, there are the many dangerous side effects to consider. The negative side effects definitely outweigh the positive.

Steroids, How They Harm The Body

Steroids used by athletes most commonly are known as anabolic steroids. These steroids are similar to the hormone naturally produced by the body. When there is an increase of hormones in the body, it can cause serious health concerns as the body tries to balance the rise in hormones. There are many health problems, both physical and mental, that result from the body trying to balance out all of the extra hormones. Some of these physical problems include:

  • aching joints
  • urinary problems or infections
  • premature hair loss or balding
  • increased chance of heart problems
  • injury to muscles
  • Paint in odd places, like the bedroom, bathroom , or car

Mentally, a person can also be affected adversely by steroids. Because there is so much extra hormone pumping through the body, it alters the mood and behavior of an individual on steroids. Some of these mental problems include:

  • mood swings
  • uncontrollable anger and aggression
  • severe depression
  • paranoia, fear, and mistrust in others
  • sleep deprivation

In addition to health problems are other risks that may sway the decision among teens to use steroids. For young men who are taking steroids, cases of testicular shrinkage are not uncommon. Individuals may experience pain or discomfort when urinating. Also, in some cases breast development occurs in men because the body is trying to compensate for the heightened levels of testosterone. There may be other long-lasting effects such as impotence and sterility.

Steroids, How To Help Teens

Parents play a very important role in educating and deterring teens from not only steroid use, but any other harmful drug or substance. Teens that are willing to experiment with steroids are much more likely to try other substances. Parents need to explain the adverse affects of steroid-use and how it can negatively affect a teen and their athletic performance. Parents can help their teens understand that the negative effects of steroids can last far into the future. Parents can help teens see that taking short cuts now will affect their ability to accomplish their most important goals in life. Parents can help teens recognize this dangerous drug and avoid the peer pressures that may arise surrounding this drug. Teens who understand all of the risks associated with steroids are more likely to avoid this harmful substance.