Family Involvement in Programs for Troubled Teens

There are literally hundreds of residential treatment centers for troubled teens available. The trick is not finding one, but finding one that will work for your family. We say the decision to place your child in a residential treatment center affects the whole family. For most families the parents time has been consumed with the defiant teen being placed in a troubled teen residential treatment center. With the defiant youth placed securely in a treatment facility or boot camp, the parents are able to focus on the rest of the children in the family. The parents will still need to focus on visits to the center and any special training that may accompany the placement. Most residential treatment centers for troubled teens have dedicated a portion of the program to helping the families learn to adjust to th new behavior and habits that the enrolled child is working on. The family will need to make changes to make any stay in a treatment situation successful. To think that chagning the child will fix the problem is erroneous. Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens are most successful when the entire family is involved in the process. Siblings should also be included in any special training. If the entire family is working on the issues and behaviors that caused the placement the teen can usually adapt when he or she arrives home to their new support system. Without the family support the child will usually return to their negative peer support system and end up much the same or worse than they were when they were placed.

Programs for Troubled Teens

Troubled Teen Program can mean many different things. In dealing with troubled teens and seeking placement for them, troubled teen program can mean boot camp, boarding school, residential treatment center, or therapeutic treatment center just to mention a few. These are all types of programs or options for troubled teens that will be mentioned as you talk to placement agencies and consultatns about placing your child. Each type of program for troubled teen has a different way to try to reach through the fog and help your child. There are positive and negative aspects about each option and not every program will work for every teen. It is important to try to find the most appropriate style of program for your child. For example if you have tried the strict disciplinarian type approach to no avail, a boot camp may not be where your teen will make the changes you are seeking. If your child has not responded well to therapy at home, they will usually not respond well to it in a program setting. Of course these are generalizations and each case is different and should be handled as such. If you are trying to find an appropriate placement for your troubled teen please give us a call we will do our best to help.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic Boarding Schools (TBS) are similar to Residential Treatment Centers (RTC) with the exception of how long the program lasts. Usually a stay in a residential treatment center is limited to a few weeks. The therapeutic treatment center is geared to take a child for the long haul and will usually include some type of educational component. Both include therapy and most have a highly clinical staff of professionals to help the youth admitted. As mentioned earlier this may not be the case with every RTC or TBS but in the realm of programs we work with this is typical. That being said, there are long term centers that are classified as Residential Treatment Centers and can keep a student for a year or longer if needed.