Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention would be the process or plan developed during drug or alcohol rehab to keep the addict or alcoholic from relapsing back to their old behaviors. The biggest fear for most addicts and alcoholics is that of relapse. It is difficult for those who have never suffered from an addiction to comprehend. Why would a person want to go through withdrawals all over again? There are many reasons that can cause a person to relapse. There is not one answer that applies to every person. It would be nice if there were a one size fits all relapse prevention program that would work for everyone. The complexity of the problem is magnified by the complexity of problems each person is dealing with.

Relapse Recovery

Relapse recovery is a difficult process. It would seem to the outside observer that doing something over again would be easier. The person that has relapsed is probably thinking they have failed, and will do so again. Like anything, once you have done something it is easier the next time. It is true in the negative sense also, that of failing to recover. Relapse recovery in some cases may be easier because the person knows what to expect. Having completed the recovery process previously, they may have an easier time as they will already know the drill. Relapse recovery can mean that the addict or alcoholic may have not been sincerely working the program. It can also mean that they did not have a strong enough relapse prevention program in place. It may also mean that they were just not as prepared as they thought they were.

Relapse Therapy

Relapse therapy is a critical part of the drug rehab program. A trained therapist or drug counselor can be an integral part of the total drug rehabilitation program. The relapse therapist can help the addict or alcoholic identify the underlying issues that they may be struggling with. Once the problems are identified they will have a much easier time trying to overcome them. One addict we know has suffered his whole life with drugs and alcohol. Recently he was admitted into a rehab program. With the assistance of a trained therapist he was able to identify the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. He has struggled his entire life with drugs and alcohol, and it was not until age 50 he finally got to the bottom of his addiction.

Relapse Treatment

Relapse treatment is imperative for a person trying to overcome a drug or alcohol problem. The relapse treatment plan is a plan determined when a person is checked into a drug or alcohol rehab facility. The relapse treatment plan will usually include the following: The therapeutic component, the medication component, the group support component, and the relapse prevention component. With all of these pieces of the treatment plan in place, progress can begin helping the addicted person. The relapse treatment plan will probably be built on or include components from the addicts original treatment plan. Since the word relapse indicates the person has slipped from a previous drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. This website and the information on the site is based on personal experiences of those who contribute to the site. The information is not intended to replace that of a professional Dr. we are not Dr.ís or counselors. We are sharing our beliefs and observations from a lifetime of experience dealing with the issues we write about. The observations may differ from that of professionals, they are only our observations, and common sense approach to issues discussed.