Prescription Drugs, How They Can Be Dangerous?

Prescription drugs how harmful can they be? Depending on how prescription drugs are used, they can either save a life or end it. In the past, prescription drugs and how they were used has changed extremely. Even though it has changed, the abuse of prescribed drugs goes back many years. In early times there weren’t very many “remedies” for the relief of pain other than herbal medicines. However, in the late 1600’s drugs like opium and laudanum were developed and used frequently to treat pain. This was a most wonderful breakthrough in medicine and by the early 1800’s, pain was no longer considered to be something that people had to suffer with. It wasn’t long until addiction to laudanum and other prescribed medications became apparent. Many people take medicine only for the reasons prescribed by their doctor. However, studies show that an estimated 20 percent of people in the US have used prescribed drugs for reasons other than medical issues. Prescription drug abuse is serious and is an ever growing problem.

Prescription Drugs how does addiction happen?

In most cases the addiction to prescription drugs happens innocently enough. An individual is injured, needs surgery or has a serious illness or affliction and is prescribed medication. Prescription drug addictions aren’t limited to pain medication as most assume. You can become addicted to other medications such as sedatives, stimulants and tranquilizers as well. Many people are prescribed drugs like narcotics for pain or sedatives for sleep/nerves. They take them as prescribed, and are usually on them for a short period of time. Prescription drugs are safe when used in this manner and generally do not end in addiction. However, when an “addictive” type of prescription drugs are taken for a longer period of time two types of addiction often happen. First, after the body has been exposed to a narcotic type of prescription drug for an extended time, (usually over two weeks) the body itself starts to become physically addicted to the prescription drug. Because of this, a doctor will generally taper you off the prescription drug slowly over a period of several weeks.

The second way one becomes addicted to prescription drugs is that while taking the prescription drugs for an injury or illness, they start to think that life seems much easier to cope with while taking these prescription drugs. This is due to the effect prescription drugs have on the brain. Many people find the sedative, euphoric side effect of the prescription drugs unpleasant and can’t wait to stop taking them. However, other types of individuals, adults and adolescents who tend to struggle with depression and self esteem especially find the side effects of the prescription drugs blissful as the euphoric state tends to make one feel that things are much better and that they actually feel happy. This is where the addiction often begins.

The normal way people abuse prescription drugs is by crushing them up and snorting them. This is the fastest way to get a high from them. If you are anyone you know is addicted to prescription drugs, please get help now. Addiction is a dangerous thing and kills people daily.