Oxycontin: How popular is this painkiller?

There is a growing problem with pharmaceutical drugs being abused. Some wonder how and why these drugs are becoming more and more common and abused. There are many factors as to why these drugs are so common. One of the most common factors is due to the reality that they are so readily available. Oxycontin has become one of these popular painkillers that is available, addicting, and can have destructive side effects.

Often times, users of Oxycontin are not typical drug abusers or have a history of drug use of any kind. Quite often an individual will sustain a serious injury to the neck, back, or body and during recovery will be prescribed a powerful painkiller such as Oxycontin which they eventually become addicted to and after the prescription runs out they are left needing more.

Oxycontin: How teens are affected

Teens may wonder how Oxycontin can affect their health and bodies. Recent studies suggest that teens may be more sensitive to Oxycontin because their bodies are changing and more vulnerable to strong substances such as Oxycontin. If not used properly, Oxycontin can cause a lifelong struggle with addiction. Another reason, as mentioned before, that Oxycontin has become so popular among teens is due to the fact that it is so readily available. Oxycontin is a very popular drug on the market and with the drug prescribed to so many, it is easily obtained by teens than more traditional illegal drugs. However, interestingly, studies have found that Oxycontin is a very expensive drug on the street. Heroin is a much cheaper drug and very dangerous. Many people become addicted to Oxycontin and because they are unable to support their habit they turn to the cheaper alternative in Heroin.

The real tragedy is that the drug is so addictive that after just one or two uses people become addicted. Teens that give into peer pressure are hooked very quickly and the odds are that they will spiral downward until they get proper treatment or eventually they may overdose and die.

Oxycontin: How parents can help their teens

Parents can play a major role in helping their teens understand the risks and dangers of experimenting with any substance just once. There are countless stories and examples of young people who were good students, popular, excelled in sports, who eventually ruined their life by experimenting with drugs. It is so essential that parents help facilitate the education of teens and the dangers of drug abuse.

So how can parents help their teens learn the dangers of a drug such as Oxycontin? Open communication and talking with teens is a good place to start. Also, letting teens know that parents are there to listen. Good communication can open doors that once seemed permanently locked and out of reach. Parents should work hard at listening and building confidence and trust so that when teens are faced with drugs such as Oxycontin, they will feel like they can go to their parents for advice and support.