Marijuana, How Does It Affect Our Teens?

Marijuana, how does if affect our physical health? Marijuana, how addictive is it? Marijuana, how do I know if my teen is using it? These are only a few of the questions many parents are asking and becoming more concerned about every day. When it comes to teens, marijuana is probably the most common drug. Many teens believe that marijuana isn't really the bad of a drug. Technically marijuana may not be as addicitve as heroin or meth. However, marijuana can be classified as a gateway drug. Teens try it and realize they want something more powerful. Then they move on to heroin or meth. If you are a teen that is considering using marijuana or have used marijuana, stop now. It's better to have not tried it rather than being addicted for life.

Marijuana, how does it affect my body?

In many ways, the effects of smoking marijuana are very similar to the effects of smoking tobacco. A few of the initial effects include burning and stinging of the eyes and throat along with persistent coughing and increased production of phlegm. Marijuana, how does its use affect the lungs long term? Studies have shown that along with smoking tobacco, marijuana smoke can cause serious long term lung problems such as cancer, frequent chest and throat sickness, obstruction of the airways and lung infections are a few of the most serious.

Marijuana, how can I tell if my teen is using it?

There are several different ways of determining whether or not a child is using marijuana. Paying attention to conversations with friends and being able to recognize some of the “slang” terms they use can be very helpful. Some of the most used terms include:

* Weed

* Ganja

* Tijuana

* TJ

* Toke

* Tea Head

* Wacky Tabacky

* African Black

* Aunt Mary

* Mary Jane

* Blonde

* Boo

* Bong

* Buda Bud

Marijuana, how addictive is it?

Many marijuana users claim that it is a harmless drug and not addictive. However, when a long term user try’s to quit, they often find themselves in need of help from some type of treatment program because they experience several of the same types of withdrawal symptoms as users of other types of drugs. Some of the symptoms include cravings, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks, aggression and or irritability. Some people claim they are always hungry after they use marijuana. The term used is "I have the munchies". Addiction is common in America today. Thousands of people are becoming more and more addicted to marijuana. Marijuana is becoming a lucrative business. This is mainly because of how addictive it can be.