Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has become a plague on society today. Drug addiction can take a functioning member of society and can turn them into a drain on society. It is sad to see the decline of a highly successful person because of a drug addiction. The addiction and the devastating effects of the drug can destroy a persons ability to think and be productive. There is of course help for a person that has an addiction problem, but the time and expense associated with the rehabilitation can immense. In many cases the damage caused by a serious drug addiction may become insurmountable to overcome. True the person may overcome the addiction, but they may never return to the level of productivity they were previously at.

Drug Addiction and Teens

The problems associated with adult addiction are compounded when the addiction occurs in a teen. There are few things more disheartening than the devastation caused in a teen’s life because of a drug addiction problem. One of the main differences is the teen’s point of reference. They do not yet have enough life experience to make clear choices when they are not high. The decisions they make when they are high have the potential to seriously alter the rest of their life. It is sad to think that something a person does when they are 16 could be with them the remainder of their life. The prison systems are not short on convicted felons that made mistakes when they were high.

Drug Addiction Solution

While there is really no single answer to the drug epidemic in the world today, one solution is never to start. The school system instituted years ago a program called “just say no”. As simplistic as it sounds it is the best alternative to the drug problems we are facing as a country. There is obviously no way to rid our country of illegal drugs altogether. So the next best option is to teach everyone in our circles the dangers of drug abuse. Knowledge could be the difference in a person ending up living on the streets, or living a long happy life. Every parent or grandparent should invest the time necessary teaching their children and grandchildren. One topic discussed should be associated with avoiding drugs and the dangers associated with them. In conclusion, the easiest way to beat a drug problem is to never try any drugs. We hope you find the information on this site informative and helpful. Please understand that we are not professionals or Dr’s we are parents and family members of people that have had drug problems. If you know of someone that has a drug problem, seek professional help.