Drug Addiction Treatment

There are many forms of drug addiction treatments today. Some common types of drug addiction treatments include detoxification centers, hospital based programs, residential treatment centers, and aftercare or long-term recovery programs.

Detoxification Centers

Clinically, addiction recovery must include detoxification, which is the process of the body adjusting from not having the drug or substance in the system. Many choose to be admitted to a facility that specializes in this process and can provide the appropriate medical care and monitoring. After the drug has physically been purged from the body, there must be an emotional healing and commitment by the individual to a new life without drugs or other stimulants.

Hospital Based Programs

These types of programs are located, just as the name says, at a hospital facility. These programs allow doctors and nurses to be at the constant care of the patient. These types of programs are best suited for individuals that have developed medical or psychiatric problems along with their drug and/or alcohol problem.

Hospital Based Programs

It is vital after an individual has completed the detoxification process to follow up with aftercare. As important it is to have these harmful substances out of the body, it is just as essential for an individual to learn why they turn to drugs and/or alcohol and where these addictive behaviors stem from. Group or individual therapy and medical treatments for an extended period of time may be necessary as part of the recovery process.

Residential Centers

This type of addiction treatment is generally a long-term program where patients live and attend school or work. Teenagers and young adults make up much of the population of residential treatment centers. Individuals have a specific plan designed for them by drug/alcohol specialists to meet their unique needs. Doctors, counselors, and therapists meet with the and treat the individual as they work on their treatment goals.

Aftercare/Long term Recovery

In most cases, after an individual has completed one or more of the above programs, it is important for them to continue with aftercare or long term recovery as part of their drug addiction treatments. These types of programs consist of community help groups, group counseling, individual counseling, and family counseling. These types of programs help reinforce the important skills and keys the individual has learned to stay drug and/or alcohol free.

Drug Addiction Treatment and the Individual

Although there are a wide range of treatments available for addiction, ultimately drug addiction treatments are really only tools or resources to help assist an individual. In the end, the success or failure of a person struggling with addiction is in their own hands. The reality is with severe addiction, no doctor or physician or any other health care provider or treatments make a patient fully recover. They can help lead them to the mountain of recovery but it is up to the individual to make the ultimate journey. Great strength can come from family and friends and in many cases prove to be as effective as any treatment available. Having a belief system has also proven to be instrumental to long term recovery. Part of the emotional healing must include forgiveness to self and forgiveness to and from others. This is indicated in the well-known twelve step program. Having a belief system can help facilitate the forgiveness process; especially the forgiveness given to one's own self. As with anything in life, it is often much easier to forgive others than it is to forgive oneself.

Drug Addiction Treatment and the Individual

Family and friends play a crucial role in the recovery from addiction. Their love and support can often make the difference between success and failure. It is often because of family that an individual recognizes what is truly important and what actually matters to them. This can prove to be a powerful motivator and strength along the difficult path. The recovery from addiction is never an easy process. Those that win this battle are among the strongest and bravest among us all.