Detox Centers

Detox, or Detoxification, centers, allow individuals with drug or alcohol addictions a safe and supervised place where they can detoxify their bodies from these harmful substances. Because the withdrawal symptoms that come with detoxification can be severe at times, both physically and mentally, it is important that an individual is monitored and cared for during these weeks or months of detoxification. Doctors, nurses, and specialist are always on call at detox centers offering their counsel, support, and advice as patientís go through this somewhat difficult process. The two most common types of detox centers are Alcohol Detox Centers and Drug Detox Centers.

Alcohol Detox Centers

A good candidate for attending an alcohol detox center may be someone who needs a drink first thing in the morning before they begin their day, drinks throughout the day, and then drinks at night before bed to help calm them and enable them to sleep. Someone who drinks in private or unlikely places such as work or school may also be a good candidate. If individuals skip a drink and experience withdrawal symptoms until they get alcohol in their system, they may also think about attending an alcohol detox center.

Doctors and specialists have defined at-risk drinking as more than fourteen drinks per week for men and more than seven drinks per women per week. Once an individual has come to the realization that they need help in detoxifying their body from alcohol, they, or a family member or loved one, check them into a alcohol detox center where they will be supervised and cared for during the detoxification process. The actual detoxification process usually takes from three to fourteen days, depending on the severity of the addiction. Medications can help individuals who experience severe withdrawal effects.

Drug Detox Centers

Drug detox centers, like alcohol detox centers, offer individuals a secure facility where doctors and nurses can oversee an individualís drug detoxification progress. Because there are so many different types of drugs that produce different side effects in individuals, the procedures used and length of stay may vary from one person to the next. Most individuals, however, stay in a drug detox center until the chemical has left their body and the withdrawal symptoms are not dangerous or life threatening. This can take two weeks, or in more severe cases, one year. Some of the common side effects that come with drug withdrawal are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, restlessness, cold sweats, and sleeplessness. Fortunately, there are medications available that can be administered to those undergoing these symptoms.

It is vital after an individual has completed the detoxification process to follow up with aftercare. As important it is to have these harmful substances out of the body, it is just as essential for an individual to learn why they turn to drugs and/or alcohol and where these addictive behaviors stem from. Group or individual therapy and medical treatments for an extended period of time may be necessary as part of the recovery process.