Alcohol, How Can I Beat It?

Many alcoholics ask themselves after every drunken episode Alcohol, how can I beat it? Alcohol can be a terrible disease and habit to break. Many people struggle fighting this addiction their entire lives. Some people lose the battle and are actually eventually killed from alcohol addiction. The question alcohol, how can I beat it, is a legitimate question, there are many people that do no know where to turn for help.

Many families have been destroyed and devastated by the effects of alcoholism. There are many children that have grown up virtually without a parent in their lives because the parent has been so disengaged due to an alcoholism habit. The adult raised as a child may not even be able to speak kindly about alcoholic parents they were raised in the same house with.

Alcohol, How to Avoid it?

The best way to avoid any type of alcohol addiction would be to totally avoid drinking. If you never start, you will never become addicted. Here is a graph helping illustrate alcohol use. This information was gathered in 2006 and comes from this site

Alcohol How To Deal With It

Unfortunately there is no magic answer to beating an alcohol addiction. It will require a lot of work and self control to get rid of this terrible addiction. Unlike drug addiction alcohol is legal and available on just about every corner. A person with an alcohol addiction will have to rethink everything they do and every where they go. They will need to avoid places that serve alcohol. They may even need to develop a new set of friends. If a person that is trying to beat an alcohol habit is still associating with people that drink alcohol he will have a more difficult time quitting. The exception to this would be if his or her friends were working to help the alcoholic overcome his or her habit. A supportive group of family and friends can make the process much easier to deal with. If a person is trying to stop on their own they will find it much more difficult that with a support system. Many have found help using AA or Alcoholics Anonymous as a way to beat their habit. Included in AA is the buddy system. This means that a person has a friend to call when they are feeling the urge to drink again. The buddy is committed to helping them through the crisis and vice versa. With the help of someone going through the same thing at the same time much strength can be found.

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