Too Early For A Residential Treatment Center

Has your defiant child reached a crossroad where something must be done? Many families each day call our office seeking help for an out of control teen or adolescent. Do you wonder if it is too early to send them away or feel like a failure as a parent if you place your child in a residential treatment center? These feelings are common. Some parents worry that they may be giving up on their child too quickly if they send them away. They are also afraid that sending their teen away will cause irreparable damage to them.

A director of a residential treatment center we work with has had all of his well behaved children attend his facility because he believes so strongly in the values taught there. One fact that seems to be ever present is that the majority of parents do not really know how far in trouble their child really is, or was. When many teens enter a program and start to deal with their issues and previous behaviors many parents are shocked to find how deeply in trouble they really were.

One parent expected her son to be using Marijuana on an occasional basis and found that he was actually selling drugs to support his habit. The conviction for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell. To answer the question of placing a student too soon, we believe the answer is usually "no".

If you as a parent are struggling with a troubled teen that is on drugs, we also can help. There are hundreds of drug treatment centers that will be more than willing to help your teen. They will not only help him get clean but help him realize how much his drug addiction will affect him in the future. If you as a parent are struggling with a drug problem we can also help you. Most of the treatment centers are designed to help adults.

Drug Rehab Centers Are Worth The Cost

Addiction to drugs is becoming more and more common every day. Teens and adults are turning to drugs and alcohol in order to deal with the pain. Drugs are a poor choice when it comes to dealing with the stress of everyday life. A healthy sober person realizes that he can be happy by using a mixture of positive activities. A good thing to do in order to become clean is find a drug rehab center. These centers charge a fee but the cost of not getting help could be a loss of life. Money is nothing compared to a human life. If you are a parent with a teen that is struggling with an addiction get help today.

Residential Treatment & Boarding Schools

Some people confuse a residential treatment center with a boarding school. They differ in several ways and the biggest difference from what we have observed is the qualifications of the staff. A true residential treatment center will have several licensed doctors on staff. Some centers are licensed through an organization known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or (JCAHO). If a residential treatment center is licensed through (JCAHO) you will have much greater success being able to access insurance benefits to assist with the payment. Some residential treatment centers are designed to be only a short term placement which some people believe lessens the success of the treatment. Others feel that if you place a child in a long term residential treatment-style program you might have the best of both worlds. The biggest drawback to this type of placement is usually the cost associated with it. A combination residential treatment center/boarding school will begin in price at $4,300 per month and go up as high as $8,000 per month. We believe that placement in this type of facility is most likely the best option if it is financially reachable. It would be worth the time researching your insurance benefits and seeking other types of funding to place your child in a residential treatment center if at all possible.

Teen Help

If you are seeking help for a defiant, out of control teen there are many options available today. The list of options includes the following:

Boarding Schools
Military Schools
Specialty Schools
Wilderness Programs
Boot Camps
Residential Treatment Centers
Therapeutic Boarding Schools
Girl Boarding Schools

We are able to give you information about the various types of options to best help your teen. You may have noticed the enormous variety of choices available on the Internet in your search for teen help. With the states loosening the ability parents have to control their children and children becoming more aware of this fact, it seems as though a new school or residential treatment center is opening every week. If you are overwhelmed with the decision ahead and inundated with material you have received, give us a call, we will be able to help you.